Wild Animal Safari in Georgia – A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

An awesome destination in Georgia is the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain. The 500-acre wildlife preserve is an amazing place where you can spend a couple hours or the whole day. There are so many different types of animals to visit that inhabit the mountains, swamps, deserts, plains, and forests that represent different habitats worldwide. Wild Animal Safari has animals from more than six continents. You will never be able to see so many animals from different places worldwide than at the Wild Animal Safari. You may think that when you are in Georgia that the best place to visit is the Atlanta Zoo. But, the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain actually has twice the animals so it is worth your time!In fact, when you visit you will be able to see a large population of Ligers, which are half tiger half lion. You will also enjoy riding through the park either in your own vehicle or in a Zebra van. You will be able to feed animals and take as many pictures as you want to help you remember your experience.Thousands of guests visit the Wild Animal Safari Pine Mountain each year with more visiting each and every year. If you are in the Pine Mountain area in Georgia then you will definitely want to visit the Wild Animal Safari. You will have the experience of a lifetime so make sure to make plans to take advantage of this once in a lifetime experience!When you visit the park you can buy tickets. Tickets for adults cost $16.95, seniors 60+ and kids 3-12 cost $13.95 and toddlers two and under are free. This is a great place to visit as a family, as friends, and especially for school groups!There is a website that has great information on USA Vacations and Unique Travel Spots Listed State By State and Season, the website is called: Seasonal Vacation Spots, and can be found at this URL: http://www.seasonalvacationspots.comBy Robert W. BenjaminYou may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter, or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

When Dogs and Cats Get Wild Animal Bites

Caring pet owners will go to great lengths to ensure that their pets are well taken care of. They will buy only the best, non-additive food; shower it in all sorts of toys; provide it with the softest bedding; give it as much attention as possible; all to make sure that it is happy. But sometimes even the most well intentioned owners will fall behind on the things that are truly important when it comes to their animals. Your dog can own a million outfits and drink from a crystal glass, but if you do not go to your vet for routine vaccinations and heartworm testing, it can die unexpectedly. One of the things that vaccinations helps keep your pets safe from is disease caused by bites from wild animals.Dogs and cats are very susceptible to bites from animals. Even if you live in the city, there are many critters such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels and rats that can attack your pet. It is also not enough to keep your animal indoors and assume that you do not have to get it vaccinated because it will not be exposed to these animals. The issue here is that if your pet ever runs away or is unaccompanied even for a small amount of time while it is outdoors, it can be bitten. And if you failed to vaccinate your pet and this occurs, it will be too late if the animal that bit it had a disease.Diseases that are Transmitted by Animal BitesBy far the most serious disease that your dog or cat can contract from other animal is rabies. Rabies will eventually kill your pet, but it also causes them to become aggressive and bite. If it bites a person, that person can get rabies.Other common diseases that can be contracted from wild animal bites include:• Parvo• Distemper• Leukemia• Feline Immunodeficiency DisorderAnother issues that can arise from these animal bites, even if your animal was vaccinated, is infection. Wild animals have very dirty mouths which contain hundreds of different forms of bacterial. It is vital that if your pet is bitten, you take it to the vet even if the wound does not seem to be too deep.